When an Event Occurs (dedicated to all my friends from various religions)

by membualsampailemas


My English isn’t good enough, perhaps there’s misunderstanding of my writing below, my apologize..

When something touches you.

I am writing this only to bring us, whether we think it’s way too narrow?
Lately, since I found a new millennium, in 2000 ago, so many disasters that I see, anywhere, on anywhere in the world. Each of these is a pure disaster from human error, there are rooted in nature. Start the tragedy of 9 / 11 in America, the tsunami in Aceh, Lumpur Lapindo, the earthquake in Bantul ago, the earthquake in Haiti, hunger in African countries and political upheaval, war that would not go over there until the Israel-Palestine. Somewhat recently, from the beginning of 2010, an earthquake in Haiti, a country predominantly black big earthquake, no less than hundreds of thousands of victims died, and in 2010 alone in my country, Indonesia, Flood Wasior, Tsunami Mentawai , Tragedy Merapi, then jumped into neighboring countries, Australia, flooding in Queensland. If we mention one by one since the year 2000 alone, in almost every part of the world there are disasters that befall him

In my heart I said, O Allah, my Lord, what is the end of this world? In the hearts of others, people of other faiths also said so, and thousands of questions arise from the hearts of thousands who still live among their brethren who died. God, why did this happen, God?

While some religious leaders of each religion in various parts of the world, there is just a saying, “this is the wrath of God! This wrath of God! Their disaster caused by their own, humans are too greedy, humans are the cause of all this. We must be aware , this becomes a valuable lesson for us! ”

In my heart I said, O Allah, my Lord, if the person had said this sermon and it is true, what you the Exalted and Originator Over Everything so how could punish people who are experts of worship among them who suffered from, they are no different us, just a different area, just different customs, just different background, religion, ethnicity, race, but the daily acts no better or worse than us? why do you not punish all alone? why just them, O Lord?

I always ask, what is God so cruel? sacrifice some Man to bring some other man?
While I continue to see the religious leaders was to link the issue of worship with the disaster. Place the affected people, the rebellious lot then?
Yesterday when Merapi hit, there’s just say they are devastated because of disobedience to God, polytheists! Kok worship to the mountain, look at that result.
In my heart I said, what the people in Aceh as well? disobedience to God?
Why do they say so? And God is Aware of what was, what He casts in part or in whole human being on earth. Why did they draw conclusions like that? why I think like this?

When the tragedy of 9 / 11 in America there, not a few religious leaders who say it is worth to them. They were people who dzolim!
Then I get an idea of how the crisis in the U.S. and how the fate of the Muslims there who would thereafter be affected as well. Islamophobia rampant. I’m sure many Muslims who become Muslim identity hiding since then just to avoid the wrath of those emotions.

Then there was one when the Tsunami in Aceh, not a few of the dead. At that time after Christmas, namely December 26, 2004. I really remember the incident, because Mr. Yudhoyono has just sworn in as president.
Some religious leaders from other religions was no different in my religion, there’s just say it’s because people are there discriminatory, selfish, we want to celebrate Christmas alone should not be and should be celebrated in places far away from them. Then some of them linking it with the punishment of their Lord.

Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever ponder what is really happening?True this is God’s destiny scenario inevitable, but why do they always relate it adzab their Lord, God of each religion.

No matter that the Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Zoroastrian, or whatever religion you believe in your religion that is enough. God is All-merciful and All-Merciful, Supreme Gentle, what ya He bear to destroy some of his people that in fact no different from other believers in the other hemisphere that acted the same but not affected by the disaster.
What can you say you are different from people in Aceh, Mentawai, Wasior, Merapi, Sidoarjo, etc in there so that your area is not affected as they do?
What is no less those who diligently serve in areas that are affected villages bancana there than you or where you live now so you do not get a similar disaster?
Is God so how could to them? No! God does not like that. O Allah, my Lord, God of the universe, I was no different from them and there may be many ‘me-me’ there are other affected areas.
possible, there are people who have small children and a child were killed in the disaster,
there are people who just got married and then exposed to the disaster,
there are people who just got off work and coffee at home and then disaster came suddenly,
there are people who just engage in immoral acts, then the disaster came away without permission, interfere with pleasure his world,
there are pregnant mothers among them,
there are people who just praying, just praying, just praying to God, then all of a sudden disaster
there is a brother and sister who get caught flooding, and both were killed or one of them died due to rescue the other,
There father hugged his son from the brunt of floods but when disaster subsided, he realized that his son was dead, dead in his arms,
there are people who just eat well and then crushed by the disaster,
and so on, and so forth.

Was God so how could remind people that other people destroy some other through the disaster? Is this a warning to us that our sins are too many rather than rewarding? Or God told us to think and more thinking?
Then I remembered a few verses in the Qur’an that tells of the destruction of the families of the foregoing, the families of the Prophet Noah, the rebellious, arrogant Pharaoh who along with his followers, Qarun who hoard their wealth, the families of the prophet Lut who perish because of their actions distorted, and so forth, and so forth. I explore the meaning of each story to him, that’s the way God told me and warned his people. But my mind is too shallow to understand what really disekenariokan God for us, human beings in various parts of the world. Still there are those people who engage in immoral acts, but they live in prosperity alone, there are still people who diligently worship but miserable. We do not know what will end up? What will happen in the Hereafter, right?

Suddenly my mind flashed away, Relationships ‘vertical’ of course different from the relationship ‘horizontal’. Then I think why there are people busy talking about the punishment of his Lord on certain groups who are affected by the disaster than to be a volunteer there. I’m sure if the volunteers who go directly to the disaster area will hear about it, they do not agree.

We take the example, if you moved to become volunteers in disaster areas near your own area, you see all sorts of people with a variety of suffering, people who lost their relatives, they live among the dead, they ‘die’ but not ‘ live ‘, then you hear in other parts of the world, in other regions, there are people saying “this is God’s punishment on those who are affected by the disaster, they are rebellious in his Lord.” What do you think so then? So do not abandon those who are suffering. Who will help them if not us, our fellow human beings must help people affected by the disaster. to volunteer, become a sponsor, praying, and so forth, is a form of relief.Directly or indirectly. No matter with people who are busy blaspheming other people for the actions of each.

You live on this earth for what? Please you pray to God you are, but do not associate those affected by disaster with God’s punishment. They are human, just like us, who believes there is the same, some are different. When you encounter people who are both suffering, which one believes the same as you, which one is different, what would you then help is only one of them? No. it’s not true. Pray for those who believe the same with you and pray for those who are different from you is the same. What then is prayer not reached the ears of God?

In a hadith narrated history of the Prophet Muhammad was a good man who loves all of Islam or not. He loves all, blind Jewish grandmothers in a market that is fed every day by him, when he Caliphate era, people who mock him but he did not respond, and so forth, and so forth.

Now what would you think and will you do? You think all the recent disasters were God’s punishment? I think this is a disaster for all mankind, and this is the secret of God that only He knows the meaning of all this. We can only think of anything that happened possibility.

One time, you will think, “If the first is not so, then I would not like this now.”